The Record Breaking Instagram Egg Set to Make its Creator Millions as Marketers Queue up for a Share of its Viral Success

The Record Breaking Instagram Egg Set to Make its Creator Millions as Marketers Queue up for a Share of its Viral Success

We all know the story – an egg, just a normal egg, is now the most popular post on Instagram after surpassing Kylie Jenner’s original most liked image on Instagram.

Jenner’s picture, an image of her then newborn daughter holding her mom’s thumb, made it to 18 million likes, becoming the most liked image on Instagram, but only until early this year. With the famous egg getting just over 52 million likes (as of February, 5, 2019), it officially assumes the title of the most popular image on Instagram.

So, how much money comes with such a level of success on Instagram? It’s the question everyone has been asking and we believe we’re likely going to see a new millionaire in town.

Proposal After Proposal

Just one week after the Egg went viral, a staffer at Need to Impeach, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the Impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump, received a marketing proposal in their inbox. It was from Jerry Media, the marketing agency behind the ill-fated Fyre Festival. According to the email, the agency was now working with the creator of the world record Egg, and hoping to broker a deal between the nonprofit and the Egg.

Their proposal? That the egg cracks to reveal the words Impeach Donald Trump, with Trump popping out of the egg and doing the chicken dance. The agency even had an animated video demonstration ready.

Need to Impeach, predictably, passed up on the opportunity, with spokesperson Aleigha Cavalier saying they weren’t impressed. But you can get the gist – the Egg is gaining popularity from all corners!

In fact, Nik Sharma, head of VaynerMedia marketing agency believes that being the first to crack out of the Egg is worth at least $10 million. “I would even advise clients to spend on the Egg rather than the Super Bowl,” he says.

His sentiments are shared by Kylie Bunch, the MD of partnerships at R/GA, another popular advertisement agency. “If you have something really good to crack out of the Egg, then it’s totally worth it,” he says. “It’s an appealing opportunity.”

Beyond that, we’ve also has influencers trying to take advantage of the Egg to claim a share of the fame. In early February, Supreme Patty was incorrectly named creator of the egg by one of her fans, quickly drawing attention to the Instagram star. Later, Ishan Goel, a digital marketer sent social media into frenzy and even gained a few thousand followers in the process after falsely claiming that he was part of the team behind the Egg and that he helped create its viral success.

This is just a snapshot of what’s going on behind the scenes – the point being that the demand for a share of the Egg’s viral success is sky high.

This kind of demand will certainly result in a big payday for the creators of the egg. If Kylie Jenner (with a record 18 million likes) makes an estimated $1 million per sponsored post, imagine what an account with approximately three-times that would demand!